Skin Tag Answers

What are Skin Tags?

So you want to Remove Skin Tags but let’s first understand what they are.  The common skin growth called a skin tag or acrochordon, to use it technical term, usually develops in folds of skin.  Although they cause little to no harm these growth can be an embarrassment and irritating.

Skin tags can appear smooth or irregular, and may attach to the skin by a short, narrow stalk called a peduncle.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are a medical mystery as doctors have yet to discover what causes them.  One theory is that skin rubbing against skin may be a contributor since they usually occur among folds of skin e.g.  in the armpits, on the neck, in the groin and sometimes on eyelids.

Some believe there is an association between skin tags and low-risk forms of a virus called  Human Papilloma which may help cause the growths.  Perhaps too the condition is hereditary as there is evidence that it runs in families.

How Common are Skin Tags?

You may be surprised to know that Skin Tags are more common than one would expect as it is estimated they affect 45% of the population. They tend to be more prevalent amongst older people, females, those carrying more weight and those with diabetes.

Are Skin Tags harmful?

Because skin tags are generally benign growths, they usually don’t require treatment*. However, many find the growths are irritating when they rub against clothes and they can cause a crisis of confidence as they can be unsightly particularly when they inhibit your developing a strong physical relationship with a partner.

How to Remove Skin Tags?

There a a few ways of removing these unsightly growths.  Doctors can remove them surgically, they can be removed through freezing or burning – cauterization.   Alternatively there is a solution that is:

  1. A Homeopathic topical remedy.
  2. All-Natural plant extracts.
  3. Works on All Skin Types.
  4. No Scarring.
  5. No Pain.

To read more about this treatment click here or go to Skin Tag Treatment



*Please note the opinions expressed on this site are those of the author only and are founded on personal research and should not be relied upon as medical advice.  If you have doubts as to whether your growth is other than a skin tag you should seek medical advice – see our Medical Disclaimer